The Impact

…of Therapeutic Kink


“Working with Tim is an experiential exercise in healing that is extremely powerful and transformative. Although I came to see Tim with specific ideas in mind about what this work would feel like, I was consistently surprised by the process and felt that it completely exceeded my expectations. Therapeutic rope bondage has been life changing for me in ways that other forms of self-care and support have not been. It’s helped me to be more assertive and at the same time, less ‘in charge’; it’s helped me feel more comfortable in my body even when it has physically been uncomfortable; it has opened my mind to new ways of relating to myself and others, and made me feel more joyful and lighthearted. I feel more comfortable in my bones and with my spirit because of the experiences I’ve had with Tim. He is a healer through and through.

…of the play A Kink in the Cure

Allena Gabosch

"I had the extreme pleasure of being part of presenting Kink in the Cure with Tim twice and I have to say that the experience was amazing.  Watching the faces of the audience,  as we covered uncomfortable and important issues around kink, as they realized the importance of what we were talking about filled my heart with joy.  Answering questions afterward and seeing many of them realize that they were not alone in their feelings about kink was so amazing.

Kink in the Cure covers some very tough issues in a way that is accessible and relatable.  It's the Vagina Monologues for Kink and I highly recommend  it to anyone who wants to further the conversation about kink."


"From interviews with multiple kinky folks to some social commentary on how BDSM play can both positively and negatively affect participants ... KITC allows for discussion around this incredibly fraught issue."



-Bonnie D

"A Kink in the Cure brought in students who had never come to kink or sexuality events before and sparked conversations in groups that wouldn’t have happened otherwise."