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Therapeutic Kink - Conflict Mediation - Personal Coaching

Not all of our work can be done on the stage. Sometimes the stories are enough to open the doors, but the longer journey requires a more direct connection.  If that is true for you, and you would like to discuss how we can serve your needs to grow, heal, or expand your relationship (with yourself or others) see below.

Initial consultation is complimentary to establish consent and desired outcomes


Conscious Therapeutic Kink

Some kink is for play. Some is for processing.
Sometimes we try to hide one inside the other.

In the practice of Conscious Therapeutic Kink, we bring elements of mindfulness, intention, somatic experience, and service into the scene. Not just to engage in play that is "not therapy, but can be therapeutic", but to put focused effort into creating exactly the type of play that YOU need, to process or delve into your particular situation. 

*Partnership with an existing mental health professional is a prerequisite for this work. 

Examples of some session elements:
Meditative Bondage
Trauma Deconstruction
Defining Personal Fetishes
Intentional Sensual Touch (Non-sexual)
Fantasy Fulfillment

Playing in Your Relationship

Let's play a game. Roll the dice.
Deal the cards. Move your pawns.
Turn conflict resolution into a growthful experience

Games give us an incredible amount of insight into how people relate to each other, and what motivates them to make decisions. Utilizing gamification models, behavioral science, and conflict mediation techniques, we'll step you through learning about who you are in the game, how that translates to who you are in relationship, and what to do with your newfound knowledge.


Men’s Dating & Intimacy Coaching

Don't be that guy. You know THAT guy. You don't want to be him.

Gents, Have you ever been concerned that you might be the guy that people are talking about on Fetlife?  Not the one they all want to schedule a scene with, but the one they aren't naming. The one they reference when talking about red flags, or creepers at the club, or clueless violation of boundaries?  You might be. 

We men aren't given a very good instruction manual for social interaction.  
These sessions are the building blocks you've been looking for.