Initial thoughts

In the interest of practicing what I preach, I have been encouraged to cast off the shroud of secrecy and share some of the thoughts in my brain with you.  So, for those who are new to my ramblings and exposition, let me say that I will be sharing here things dark and delightful.  Sweet and sexy and sophisticated and silly.  They will all come across here in my divulging. I'm not going to pretend to be some all-powerful or all-knowing BDSM badass.  I'm a fuck-up, a goofball, a lover, and a fighter.  I have opinions that are unpopular, and some that you may think I am flat-out wrong about.  That's good.  We have to keep each other in check.  As soon as people stop disagreeing with me, I'll know that I've gone and fucked things up proper.

The creation of this work has been one of the most exhausting, emotional, draining, exciting, fulfilling, empowering, and growthful experiences of my life.  Second only to raising my kids.  Yup, I'm a parent. You can be kinky as fuck, and still be a loving father, a caring partner, a corporate consultant, a gamer, a geek, a writer, an out-and-proud gender-queer non-conforming individual.  I carry all of these pieces of me, and more, into every scene, every interview, every relationship.  Because I want you to know all of me. Because I don't want to play with, or go to dinner with, or spend much time with, just one part of you. I'm a greedy motherfucker, I want all of it. All of you.  All of me.  So here we go.  


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